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Hoffmaster Helps Raleigh Law Firm’s Estate 

and Trust Administration Clients

Ashley Palmer is an estate and trust administration paralegal for The Walls Law Group in Raleigh, which helps clients with estate and business planning. Anthony Hoffmaster, CPA, CES, MST assists the law firm’s estate and trust administration clients by handling the preparation of estate and trust tax returns.

Like Anthony, Ashley is a certified public accountant, but she doesn’t prepare tax returns. She and The Walls Law Group rely on Anthony’s knowledge and expertise of the intricate technicalities of estate and trust tax returns.

“As the main probate paralegal, I help people through a difficult time after their loved one passes away by giving tax advice and identifying income in their estates that may require tax return preparation—things such as selling a house, income from a brokerage account or rental income,” says Ashley.

“We refer these clients to Anthony to prepare and file tax returns for their estates or trusts. His services enable our firm to provide a comprehensive team approach and ensures we help clients in the most efficient way,” she continues.

In addition to appreciating Anthony’s technical knowledge of trust and estate tax returns, Ashley says she also enjoys working with him because he’s responsive, flexible and friendly.

“Since 2019, Anthony has always made himself available to meet with our clients in-person at our office or through video conferencing,” Ashley says. “It’s reassuring to know that we can always depend on him.”

Hoffmaster Uncovers $3500 in Missed Tax Refunds for 

New Jersey Client

Aaron Gerber is a principal and part owner of an engineering firm headquartered in Delaware. He used a local certified public accountant (CPA) close to his home in New Jersey for many years before working with CPA and Consultant Anthony Hoffmaster, CPA, CES, MST.

Aaron’s company completes work in multiple states across the country and he is impressed with Anthony’s tax knowledge in states outside of North Carolina, where Hoffmaster CPA is located.

“Anthony can quickly shift gears to meet other state’s tax requirements—especially in my home state of New Jersey, which has a reputation for being more difficult,” says Aaron.

“I file multiple Schedule K-1 forms in states where my company conducts business and earns income. Each state has its own special way of filing this form,” explains Aaron. “When I first started working with Anthony, he reviewed my previous personal tax filing and found more than $3,500 of missed tax refunds I should have received.”

In addition to finding the missed refund income, Aaron appreciated not having to spend extra time informing Anthony on his previous business and personal tax filings.

“I only had to give him a few details—my business’ tax return and my wife’s and my joint tax return from the previous year. He researched the rest of the information and came up with a revised submission for our personal taxes.”

Aaron doesn’t consider himself especially knowledgeable of tax laws and likes how Anthony manages his tax preparation.

“When I ask a question, he fills in the blanks. Anthony’s extensive knowledge enables me to pay my taxes and keep moving forward,” says Aaron.

Restaurant Owners Use Hoffmaster CPA for 

Year-End Taxes

Chris Sallen and Rick Davis, founders/owners of a successful chain of casual-dining restaurants in Palm Beach County, Florida, use Anthony Hoffmaster, Hoffmaster CPA, for completion and filing of their corporate and personal year-end taxes.

The restaurant, named C.R. Chicks, serves lunch and dinner and caters events. It specializes in rotisserie chicken marinated in honey-barbecue sauce cooked slowly over Brazilian oak logs.


Since opening the first eatery in 1992, business partners Chris and Rick have grown the chain to seven restaurants and a commissary with a total of 180 employees.

“I concentrate on the quality of our food and the quality of our people,” says Chris. “I let Anthony concentrate on our end-of-year taxes and filing them with the IRS.”

Anthony, who lived in West Palm Beach, Florida, before moving his family and his business to Wake Forest, N.C., has had C.R. Chicks as a client since 2017.

Chris appreciates Anthony’s thoroughness and promptness in saving the business money and filing the annual tax returns.  “He does a good job and gets right back to me anytime I have questions. When talking to a lay person about taxes he is understandable,” Chris says. “I recommend him and would tell anyone that he gets the work done on time and may save you money like he’s done for us.”

Executor Hires Hoffmaster for 

Estate and Personal Tax Assistance

Stewart Pope was grateful to find CPA Anthony Hoffmaster, a tax professional who specializes in estates and trusts.

When Stewart’s 96-year-old father died in January 2016, just a few months after his mother died, he and his brother were named co-executors of the estate.

In addition to assisting with the estate tax returns, Anthony helped with filing the personal taxes for Stewart’s dad and mom.


“The estate was very complicated. Not that my dad was a wealthy man, but there were limited partnerships, small stocks, life insurance policies and other things that added to the tax complications,” says Stewart, an investment advisor who has lived in Raleigh all of his life.

“Anthony assisted me in dealing with the IRS along with all that was needed for the estate to go to probate. He was very understanding and patient with me. I felt he was very reasonable and fair as far as his costs.”

Today Stewart and his brother have their personal taxes completed by Anthony. “We’re happy with him and certainly recommend Anthony to others.”

Tax Advice & Prep for New Principal Owner of 

Engineering Firm

In 2017 when Civil Engineer Eric Perrone, a partner in his firm, was buying in as an owner he sought the services and advice of certified public accountant Anthony Hoffmaster. 

“Anthony prepared and filed my tax returns and advised me on what the tax burdens would be as a new owner in my firm. He helped me plan for the upcoming years, transitioning from earning wages to taking distributions,” Eric explains.

Eric is one of six principal owners in the Raleigh engineering firm with headquarters in Delaware. The company provides strategic infrastructure and transportation management services. Eric specializes in software implementation.

Originally from Delaware, Eric moved to Raleigh in 2001 from Austin, Texas. He lives in North Raleigh with his wife and two children.

“I’ve been very happy with how comprehensive Anthony is and that he took the time to meet with me to answer all my questions,” says Eric. “He’s was helpful in getting me prepared for taxes as a business owner and corrected my misconceptions.”

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